Five steps to turn work clothes into a success factor for your company

Cinco pasos para convertir la ropa de trabajo en un factor de éxito para tu empresa | Peregrin

Five steps to turn work clothes into a success factor for your company

We are in a job market where anyone who provides employees with attractive work clothes can earn points as an employer. While companies want to present themselves professionally to the outside world, good looks and a comfortable fit are top of mind for employees. Here we demonstrate in five steps that, if used correctly, work clothes can contribute to the success of a company.

1. Work clothes must fit well

For an employee to feel comfortable and at the same time have a professional appearance, it is important that work clothes fit well. This means not only choosing the right size, but also the length of the legs and sleeves. Those who feel good also radiate this to the outside world. Employees are and will continue to be the most important business card of a company.

Work clothes that are comfortable to wear are well received by employees. After all, they spend most of the day with her. Therefore, if the foreman buys work clothes for his team, he must verify that they fit properly. What sounds over the top to some now makes a world of difference, as well-groomed work clothes represent professional work. This attitude can be transferred to all industries.

2. Uniform doesn't always mean identical

Being part of a team does not imply losing individuality. When selecting work clothes for employees, you don't necessarily have to order the same clothes for everyone. Employees are required to wear similar clothing in a uniform design, but at Peregrin we offer a variety of styles for different work areas. This means that employees with different areas of activity can still be uniformly equipped. They differ only in the color of the clothes or the model of the garment. A uniform and well-chosen appearance not only has a strong external effect, but also strengthens the team spirit.

3. Well-kept clothes

No matter how modern, fashionable, or high-quality work clothes are, if they are not well cared for, the overall appearance suffers. The employer should ensure that clothing is of good quality, washed and maintained regularly. It is also the duty of the employer to instruct his employees about the proper care of clothing.

4. Personalization

A trend in Peregrin is the personalization of the elements. That can mean different things. It is very popular to put the company logo on Peregrin vests. As a result, the clothing is used as advertising space and the employees can represent the company. This also increases the user's identification with the employer.

Attaching employee names to Peregrin vests is an important tool that exudes professionalism. In this way, the customer knows immediately who he is dealing with. This is a sign of good customer service, because the employee also shows with his ID patch with his name that he is happy to be addressed.

5. Easy procurement with reliable supplier

It is important that the availability and purchase of work clothes are coordinated in advance. For this, the supply manager must have good coordination and a relationship of trust with the supplier. At Peregrin we keep a record of each logo of our clients, which makes a new emergency acquisition or replacement of the product expedited.

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