Peregrin and its alliance with RECCO technology

Peregrin y su alianza con la tecnología RECCO | Peregrin

Peregrin and its alliance with RECCO technology

Every second counts in an avalanche rescue. The RECCO® technology used here at Peregrin is a tool for professional rescuers to help locate buried victims; allowing professional rescuers to find victims in a matter of minutes. Members of your party will be the first to start searching, so always be equipped with an avalanche transceiver, probe, and shovel. We here at Peregrin have these devices to implement them in the garments according to the security requirements of the company or in what it performs. (Geologist Vests, Pants etc)

These elements are available in our clothing when requested.

1. The RECCO detector we use at Peregrin emits a directional radar signal, much like a flashlight beam.

2. When the radar signal strikes the RECCO Peregrin reflector, it returns to the detector and points the rescuer in the direction of the victim.

3. The closer the detector is moved to the reflector, the stronger the returned signal will be, allowing the rescuer to locate the victim.

What is the Recco system that we have at Peregrin ?
A rescue system in case of an avalanche that allows to locate the victims thanks to a radar.

It consists of two parts: the radar detector that the rescue groups have; and on the other hand, the passive reflectors that do not emit a signal and are incorporated into some anoraks, pants, helmets and even boots.

The reflector consists of a small electronic transponder weighing just four grams with a thin copper antenna and a diode that bounces the signal from the detector and doubles the frequency. It is covered with a protective outer layer of rubber that gives it its well-known elongated pill shape. It is practically indestructible. The reflector does not emit a signal and therefore does not require a power source.

How does it work
The system is based on advanced radar technology. The Recco Peregrin works on the principle of frequency bouncing. The detector transmits to a directional radar; when the wave hits the reflector, the frequency of the signal bounces back to the detector. When the detector receives a new signal, it sounds a tone that makes it easy to locate the victim.

Did you know…
The Recco does not require any training for its use as a skier or investment, since it is the manufacturers of ski equipment that place it in their garments.

The Recco 's signal passes easily through air, dry snow and ice, but liquid water absorbs the signal, making it difficult to search in spring conditions when the snow is much wetter.

It requires no battery or maintenance and has a virtually unlimited lifespan. Reaches 200 meters in the air, 30 meters under snow. The sign is directional; once the first signal is detected, the Recco detector leads the operator directly to the victim.

It does not transmit any type of signal, so it does not interfere with other rescue methods or with other electronic devices.

All this and more you can find in Peregrin workwear

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