The importance of personalizing work clothes

La importancia de personalizar la ropa de trabajo

At Peregrin we help you enhance the customization of your high visibility Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your employees.

With this benefit you will have the opportunity to increase your visibility with clients and complement your corporate identity.

You can add your name and logo to your Protection Vests for your specific needs.

Here at Peregrin you can customize your name and logo on the Geologist Vests with different types of techniques and thus obtain a professional presence with your clients and partners.

Personalization is only for Peregrin products and can be easily added to the order when purchasing your product via the web by selecting the geological vest; our professionals will work on it immediately so you can count on the guarantee of efficient handling, fast delivery and the colors of your company.

More Info:

What are you waiting for to customize your vest and enjoy the advantages of visibility!

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