Meet our new products with exclusive Windbloc and Shearling fabrics from the American brand Polartec by Peregrin ®.

Polartec is a high-tech fabric made on the basis of polyester fibers that allow leveling the body's heat in low temperatures.

The Windbloc model is special for work in humid environments because we use hydrophobic fabric (Polartec 300) that absorbs less than 1% of its own weight in water, even when the fabric is soaked.

This does not mean that it is waterproof or water repellent, but rather that water only fits in the space between the fibers, without entering the interior of it, so it can be completely wet but continue to store heat inside its fibers.

Ideal for high-risk jobs in humid and cold environments.

The Shearing model has a traditional insulating fabric called "sheepskin" that is made up of a selection of specialized yarns that produce a warm and comfortable sensation.

It has a timeless style that allows it to be used in different temperatures thanks to its breathable fabric. It's quick-drying, comfortable, soft and stylish.

Environmentally friendly product made of 75% recycled PET plastic.

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