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CHALECOS GEOLOGOSLOS EPP (Elementos de Protección Personal)

LOS EPP (Elementos de Protección Personal)

Los Elementos de Protección Personal tienen como función principal proteger diferentes partes del cuerpo, para evitar que un trabajador tenga contacto directo con factores de riesgo que le pueden o...

Tecnología Reflectivos  3M

Tecnología Reflectivos 3M

La tela color plata del material reflectante Scotchlite® de 3M® está diseñada para usarse en prendas de seguridad y ropa deportiva e informal. Cuando se usa correctamente, esta tela ayuda a mejorar...

CHALECOS GEOLOGOSLa importancia de personalizar la ropa de trabajo

The importance of personalizing work clothes

At Peregrin we help you enhance the customization of your high visibility Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your employees. With this benefit you will have the opportunity to increase your ...

CHALECOS GEOLOGOSChalecos geólogos Peregrin. Cuida y protege a tus trabajadores con productos de protección de calidad

The Safety Vest Executives Series breaks sales record in Chile.

The new model of Executive Safety Vests, launched in mid-2022 and of national production, was a record in sales so far this year, it is the model most chosen and best evaluated by Chilean companies...



Meet our new products with exclusive Windbloc and Shearling fabrics from the American brand Polartec by Peregrin ®. Polartec is a high-tech fabric made on the basis of polyester fibers that allow...

Chaleco Geólogo N1 Mujer  un aporte de Igualdad de género por norma Chilena Nch3262 | Peregrin

The Safety Vest N1 Woman a contribution of gender equality by Chilean standard Nch3262

Chilean Standard 3262 seeks to promote equality between men and women in organizations, generating a positive impact for people and their environment. To achieve this, it is proposed to implement a...